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Runnin’ Red Cross-border Prep N Ship

Doing online arbitrage or wholesale orders? Let us do the work for you!

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Contact to set up an account in advance.


When ordering online have your orders sent to our Manitoba or USA location.

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Once your package(s) get to our manitoba or usa location we will open the box, inspect for damage, check the contents, match the packing slip, polybag, and bubble wrap if necessary.


We will then send you copies of the packing slips and an excel sheet with the assigned box#, description and weight. You will send us labels that may need to be attached to product, the US Shipping label(s) as well as filling in the value on the excel sheet.

If you have any special requirements (Polybag, Bubble wrap, bundling...)
Please let us know so we can prep accordingly.

We can bring across up to $2499us per trip.

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We will bill after each shipment has been processed.

USA Selling to Canadian Market

We can also help you with Prep, Customs Brokerage and Shipping from the USA to Canada so you can start selling in the Canadian market from the USA!

We have a ship to location in Pembina, ND that can receive your parcels, we take care of the Customs Clearance, Prep your goods for .Ca and drop off at a UPS location in Canada.

Overseas Private Label

Doing Private Label and have product coming from Overseas? We can help there too!

We can take care of the customs clearance into Canada, Prep and ship what you need and ship to the US and Canada if it needs to be split up.

You don’t need to handle your product, let us take care of that for you.

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