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Check out our US shipping rates no subscription required!!!

USA Parcel Pickups

We bring your USA parcel to our convenient Winnipeg pickup facility. So you can avoid the headaches.

How it works

  1. You buy your goods online and have them shipped to your favorite parcel location in Pembina, ND.
  2. Let Runnin' Red know when your shipment is on its' way by filling out a convenient pickup request form.
  3. We take care of everything else and notify you when your goods are ready for pickup in Winnipeg.
    Pickup Location:

    2-615 Camiel Sys Street
    Winnipeg, MB
    R2J 4K2
    Monday to Friday 8-4
    Saturday: 10am-2pm

  4. Want your product delivered direct to you? Extra fees may apply

Need a USA Shipping Address?

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