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Save up to 50% on USA Shipments

Perfect for Manitoba based e-commerce businesses, or personal shipments, offering cheap shipping rates from major couriers.

We work with the largest couriers

FedEx Corporation
United Parcel Service
United States Postal Service

Compare rates for shipping to US from Canada from the largest couriers

View rates from multiple courier services and choose the one best meet your shipping needs.

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Save time and money by using our online system to ship and track packages to the US from Canada, allowing you to stay focused on developing your product and growing sales.

We do personal shipments to the USA too!

Whether for business or pleasure, sending a package to the US from Canada has never been easier with our convenient and easy-to-use shipping system.

Save up to 50% on shipping parcels to USA from Canada!

How it works

  1. Simply fill out the shipping order form with your details, the shipment receiver details, and parcel information.
  2. Next you choose the shipment method of your choice. We give you the option to order them by Cheapest or Fastest.
  3. Complete payment on your shipment order.
  4. Upon submission of the order form, you will receive an email with your shipping label and tracking number. Be sure to include the shipping label on your parcel.
  5. Drop your parcel(s) off at our 2-615 Camiel Sys Street, Winnipeg location before 10:30 a.m. for same day shipping.

Please note goods MUST be under $800 USD per destination/customer.

Have questions? Just give us a call.


Convenient Winnipeg drop-off location

Not able to drop off? Call us to arrange for pickup!


Save up to 50% when sending packages to USA from Canada!