Due to COVID-19 we are limiting the customers that we have going through St. Anne Self Storage. For now northbound pickups will be out of our 1001 Regent Ave West location.
Offering Domestic Same Day & Next Day Courier Service throughout Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba. Call (431) 996-5944 to book a pick-up!

USA Parcel Pickup FAQ

How much are the customs charges on personal shipments?

Your customs taxes include 5% GST, 8% PST, and any duty which depends on the type of goods and where they are made. Your goods will be duty free if made in North America.

Where is your pick-up location?

Our pick-up facility is St. Anne's Storage at 90 Creek Bend Road in Winnipeg.

How much do you charge for parcel transportation from Pembina to St. Annes Storage?

Please see our current pricing page for details.

How does your service work?

You have your parcel shipped to one of our partners in Pembina. Once it has arrived head to our website and "Schedule a Shipment". You will then receive an invoice from us with the cost to ship your parcel(s) to our pickup facility. Once paid you will be able to pickup your parcel within 48 hours.

How often are USA pickups?

We do daily, Monday to Friday, pickups from the USA pickup locations.